Social Research

social research

PolicyScribe provides cutting-edge, evidence-based social research on a range of public policy issues. We employ a wide variety of analytical approaches and methodological techniques that are tailored to the research project at hand. We have a depth of expertise in qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods social research design. Our research products are methodologically rigorous, trustworthy and usable, providing decision-makers with timely and valid evidence.

We offer the following services:

  • research design and project development
  • research management services
  • reviewing policy/academic literature and evidence
  • conducting in-depth interviews with a range of stakeholders
  • conducting focus groups
  • development of (comparative) case studies
  • designing and executing online surveys and questionnaires
  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • high-quality report writing
  • development of follow-on funding applications
  • benchmarking best practice
  • distilling key policy messages and recommendations for a range of audiences

You can find examples of our published social science research outputs here.