Policy Analysis

policy analysis

PolicyScribe conducts independent, original and high-level policy analysis for public sector, third sector and private organisations. We work closely with our clients to identify and frame the main challenges and opportunities emerging from policy situations, using methods for assessing the prevalence of a problem and issues relating to the assessment of needs. Our goal is to help clients to position themselves as thought leaders, by providing them with an evidence base and clear analysis of complex issues so they can bring new insights to areas of strategic public interest.

We are especially adept at using systematic and pragmatic methods for policy learning from elsewhere, focusing on the importance of understanding the comparative policy context and possibilities for adaptation.

The final output from our policy analysis (in the form of written reports, presentations or interactive project websites) include policy recommendations that are designed to advance new ideas, evidence and knowledge to be used by policy-makers at all stages in the policy cycle. You can find some of our policy publications here.

PolicyScribe provides expert policy analysis on a range of topics, including the impact of Brexit on Scottish devolved policy, European integration, substate governments in Europe, immigration and migration integration, the devolved policy-making process, EU cohesion policy, paradiplomacy, gender equality, mental health policy, higher education policy, citizenship, and knowledge exchange between universities and the policy community. You can read some of our policy insights on our blog.

PolicyScribe can also provide speakers for conferences, seminars and internal brainstorming sessions around policy areas of topical interest.