Policy Analysis

We are policy buffs. We provide policy-focused analysis and advice on a range of domestic and international policy areas, in particular, Scotland, the UK and the European Union. Having worked with a range of public, private and third-sector organisations over two policy servicesdecades, we are skilled at providing policy analysis, expert input and detailed research to meet specific policy needs. In particular, we are experts in providing comparative lessons for policy initiatives and proposals (with case study expertise in a range of European and North American nations and regions), in researching past precedents, and in policy transfer/lesson-drawing. For more information about our policy analysis services, click here. You can also read some of our policy reports here.

Social Science Research

We are research pioneers. From project design and planning through to funding and delivery, we relish every part of the research process. In particular, we are experts in writing research plans and grant applications, establishing the rationale for new projects and the most appropriate methodological basis for conducting research, and identifying clear research plans (with the flexibility to change these as needed) to support effective delivery.  We are specialised in qualitative research, combining key methodological methods with a creative twist, but we are also experienced in a range of quantitative techniques. For more information about our research services, click hereYou can also read some of our social science books, papers and peer-reviewed articles here.

Wordsmithing and Editorial Services

We love language in all its formats. We provide a full range of wordsmithing and editorial services for any type of policy or business documents or online content. This includes (a) substantive editing (also known as structural or developmental editing), where we focus on the ‘big picture’ goals, concepts and execution of a project to help deliver clear, coherent writing to the intended audience; (b) copy-editing, where we focus our laser-beam attention on grammar, spelling, punctuation and style to ensure a beautiful finish; and (c) proofreading, where we rectify any typographical, mechanical or formatting/layout errors before publication. For more information about our wordsmithing services, click here.