Immigration – the first big battleground between Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon

NICOLA Sturgeon is on a collision course with the new Prime Minister over immigration and independence may prove her best option to protect EU nationals already in Scotland, according to Dr Eve Hepburn. Now that Theresa May has been crowned UK Prime Minister, the Scottish government will be waiting with baited breath to see how […]

‘We won’t let you down!’ Scotland’s approach to EU nationals

Eve Hepburn explores the SNP government’s approach to EU nationals in the aftermath of the vote for Brexit.  One of the issues that appears to have infuriated First Minister Nicola Sturgeon the most in the post-EU referendum political turmoil is the insecurity it has created for EU nationals living in Scotland. This was evident in […]

How might Scotland maintain its membership of the EU?

In the aftermath of the vote for the UK to leave the EU, several possible scenarios could allow Scotland to remain in, writes Eve Hepburn. She argues that, while it may prove difficult for Scotland to block Brexit or to keep EU membership while the rest of the UK leaves, it would also face challenges […]

Scotland: If not independence, then a federacy?

A great deal of analysis has gone into why Scotland voted ‘no’ to separating from the UK, in a referendum on independence held on 18 September 2014, by 55% to 45%. In a series of sophisticated public attitudes surveys, colleagues at the University of Edinburgh revealed that voters were strongly motivated by consideration of the […]

What next for independence movements in Europe?

One can imagine that the European Commission breathed a collective sigh of relief when the results of the Scottish independence referendum were announced on 19 September 2014. The independence referendum had created a headache – if not a chronic migraine – for officials in Brussels, in trying to figure out whether Scotland would have to […]

The Day after the Scottish Independence Referendum

In Scotland the traditional cure for a hangover is a can of Irn-Bru – the nation’s favourite bubble-gum flavoured soft-drink. And it is very likely that today, Irn-Bru owners AG Barr will be doing a brisk trade. While the majority of the Scottish electorate will be breathing a sigh of relief that the Union remains […]

Scotland would have a very different immigration policy to the UK

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has articulated a civic nationalism that welcomes immigrants and ethnic minorities as part of Scotland’s rich ‘tartan tapestry’. Eve Hepburn explores why Scottish parties have been able to avoid the anti-immigration hysteria that peppers political debates south of the border, writing that if Scotland votes ‘Yes’, we will likely see an immigration […]

Scotland ‘domino effect’ on independence movements in Europe

While the independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia have received substantial attention, other countries across Europe are also facing demands from regions for greater autonomy or secession. Eve Hepburn writes on three such movements in Italy: in South Tyrol, Veneto and Sardinia. She argues that the result of the Scottish referendum is likely to shape the immediate […]

Scotland and Northern Ireland: nationalist party responses to Europe

Contemporary political analysis tends to draw few comparisons between nationalist movements in Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, Eve Hepburn and P. J. McLoughlin argue that in both cases, such movements have adopted variously pro-European positions in order to benefit from opportunities for aid and for greater political representation, and have thus successfully moderated their nationalist ambitions. […]